The Everlasting Dilemma : North,South And Off Campus DU Colleges
Image Source-Justdial

Delhi University’s English division has diminished the quantity of seats in its masters program by practically 30% this year. While educators asserted they were not educated about the move, the division head said seats have been cut as the office surpassed the figure authorized by University Grants Commission.

In the primary confirmation list issued by the college, just 299 understudies have been assigned seats against the 425 conceded a year ago. The 299 seats are comprehensive all things considered, including those conceded through direct and entrance-based modes.

DU has half booking for understudies who have moved on from the college. The rest are conceded through passage tests. Understudies are admitted to the office in North or South grounds and are then re-conveyed to schools that offer the course.

“This was not intimated to the university’s supreme academic body. We, as academic council members, met over three days in June and the administration never revealed anything about seat reduction in English or any other discipline. The university owes us an explanation…” said Sachin N, an English Teacher at Dyal Singh College.


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