Republic Day Special : How Much Constitution Of India Connects With It’s People?

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January 26th,which our nation celebrates to remember as a day of commencement of Constitution and for attaining status of a democratic republic country.Soldiers of esteem repute and mighty arms,marching in utmost discipline to whom even severe drop down in mercury is not stopping them from flaunting skills with pure elegance,showcasing arsenal of superior technology which only few has in possession worldwide and school kids brimming with zeal and enthusiasm holding national flag with pride are strong enough to give goosebumps even to those who considers it just another holiday,complimented with a long weekend.

Moving on,Constitution of India has enshrined with the ideals of equality,liberty,fraternity,fundamental rights and duties and lots of many laws and rights as legal claims but in a country where people wish to spend their whole lifetime without paying a visit to court and police station,isn’t this question worth pondering over that what is the utility of these rights when the same can’t be claimed on the right time to come out of a quagmire? Aren’t the awareness to people and amiability to guardians of law the need of the hour?

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Moving ahead,many of us have completely agreed on this fact that Americans give jobs to deserving Indians and Indian’s give jobs to reserved Indians.In short over the years that theory of protective discrimination on which policy of reservation has been chartered has become obsolete and even in this provision what is more disheartening is that only a strata has benefitted from reservations and not the whole backward population and what makes it pretty evident are tribes of remote areas of northeast and central India who are still confined to their habitats.

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With a plethora of views,discretions and ethnicities among people of country,then having dissent and expressing it but quoting it as anti-nationalism or marrying a person from other religion but quoting it as love jihad are surely pointing finger over interpretation of laws and rights of Constitution.

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Because I believe in “Saving the best for the last” what’s noteworthy here is that even after almost seven decades, Constitution of India has it’s head held high and intact with some amendments here and there,the basic structure of Constitution has remained unchanged,it is still relevant,it’s authority remains supreme and remains unchallenged.

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