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Review: Out of My League

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Original title: Sul più bello

Original Audio: Italian; English audio is available

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Director: Alice Filippi

Cast: Ludovica Francesconi (Marta), Giuseppe Maggio (Arturo Selva),
Gaja Masciale (Federica), Jozef Gjura (Jacopo)

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OTT: Netflix

An orphan girl. Lethal illness. Falls in love with a hot guy. Sounds mainstream? “Out of My League” plays well with such a mainstream plot.

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Before biting the dust, the parents of a girl named Marta pass on a genetic disorder called ‘Muscoviditis’. Scary name? Well, according to Marta, if she doesn’t take enzyme capsules with every meal, use the nebulizer, undergo regular respiratory physiotherapy, and stay away from damp places full of germs, her lungs will fill up with mucus, and she can contract an infection that can prove fatal. Marta is somebody who lives in the bubble of mucus with her best friends – the red-haired Federica and the fashionista Jacopo.

Out of My League
Federica (R), Marta (C) and Jacopo (L) in a still from “Out of My League”. (Image Source: IMDb)

Above all, thanks to her seductive vocal cords, Marta announces discount offers at a departmental store. She has earned a significant number of anonymous lovers. It’s pretty comical to see her pinning their chits and letters on a bulletin board.

At the same time, she is quite pragmatic and knows that she is not a traditionally beautiful woman. She uses Tinder but left-swipes any male user that looks less than a Greek god since she believes that if the rejection comes from someone way out of someone’s league, it hurts less. Meanwhile, Jacopo and Federica, the 19-year-old gay and the lesbian decide to have a child together. But the decision complicates their lives as they move into the new house that originally belonged to Marta’s parents. Soon, Marta has an episode of catarrhal coughing. She later visits her doctor, who encourages her to pursue her goals as they will help them gain more time.

Marta is determined to experience everything that life has to offer, including romance. She uses her pro-stalking skills on an attractive young man named  Arturo Selva whom she first sees at a bar. During their first encounter, on being asked what does she want, feeling bold and mischievous and likely believing that he will decline, Marta tells him she wants him to ask her out on dinner. Much to her surprise, Arturo agrees and takes her for a dinner date. A dinner date where we spot his entire family!


Overwhelmed by this and in addition, her skills of stringing a word or two with utmost eclat, Marta shunts the house by revealing how she had stalked  Arturo and ended up at the exquisite dining table of the Selvas.

Arturo, on having remorse, patches up with Marta and takes her out. Next, we have on our Netflix screen is a fairy tale. Marta’s positivity adds a glimmer to Arturo’s rich yet sad lifestyle. While playing a game comprising of being truthful to the five questions being asked, they end up kissing.

Out of My League
Arturo and Marta in a still from “Out of My League”. (Image Source: Cineuropa)

Marta tells Arturo that she wishes to be proposed during a gondola (boat) ride.  Finally, Arturo, who is in love with her, decides to propose to her. But unfortunately, the water around their gondola boat ride makes Marta’s lungs pick infection. Consequently, she ends up in a hospital bed leaving Arturo behind.

Will she reveal the truth about her illness to  Arturo? Can we expect  Arturo to stick by her side? Will Federica get pregnant with Jacopo’s child?

Stream “Out of My League” on Netflix to get all the answers.

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