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Review: The Kissing Booth 2

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Director: Vince Marcello
Written by: Vince Marcello
Casts: Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn), Joey King (Elle Evans), Taylor Zakhar Perez (Marco V. Peña), Joel Courtney (Lee Flynn), Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Chloe Winthrop), Meganne Young (Rachel)

Ever thought of a stall where you can kiss anybody out of the school crowd? Where the hottest guy may get a kiss by the nerdiest girl of school? If you have stumbled by ‘The Kissing Booth 2’, then you are at the right place!

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While the name suggests some A-rated film with kissing scenes and nothing else, the plot and the name are as different as night and day. Ellie Evans and Lee Flynn have been best friends forever even when Ellie started dating Lee’s elder brother Noah Flynn breaking rule number 3 (Relatives of your best friend are completely off-limits). Meanwhile, Lee is dating a girl from school named Rachel.

For those who don’t know, there are a set of rules Lee and Ellie have been following at the onset of Part 1 of the sequel.

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On Ellie’s first day at school, rumors spread that they both broke up while Ellie and Noah are trying to make their long-distance work. While both of them are alone 3,000 miles apart, they meet Chloe and Marco who bring changes for the better as well as worse in their lives. Chloe studies at Harvard with Noah while Marco is the new ‘snack’ (the school hoots in the background!) in Ellie’s life. Ellie accidentally compliments Marco’s built on the school’s announcement microphone leaving her embarrassed in front of the whole school. Likewise, her encounter with Marco on the field day is worth watching.

It is during the listing of hottest kissers for this year’s kissing booth, Ellie approaches Marco. After losing in an elite game of ‘Dance Dance Machine’, Marco subsequently agrees. This very game carries a different legacy throughout the sequel.

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Marco and Ellie rehearing for their dance performance. (Image Source: Google)

Meanwhile, Noah’s constant pestering makes Ellie apply to Harvard. Although Lee and Ellie have always wanted to go to UC Berkeley where their mothers became BFFs. (Rule no. 19: Always go to the same school as your bestie)

Rachel has ‘space issues’ with her boyfriend Lee due to Ellie hanging out with them always. She insists upon talking to Ellie and asking her to give some space to the couple. Lee agrees but later on, lies to her. He doesn’t want to add the void Noah’s absence has caused.

Rachel (L), Lee (M) and Ellie (R) from a scene of The Kissing Booth 2. (Image Source: Google)

Ellie gets to know about a dance competition that can finance Ellie’s fees to Harvard. She and Lee partner up but when Lee breaks his ankle or say pretends about a broken ankle, the school’s hotshot Marco replaces him. Ellie visits Noah at Harvard on receiving a cosy-looking hoodie and a plane ticket. There, she meets Noah’s beautiful new friend Chloe. To add to Ellie’s jealousy and insecurity, she finds Chloe’s earring under Noah’s bed. This infuriates her and she leaves Boston at that very moment.
During this very phase, Marco supports Ellie and they eventually win the dance competition where Noah sees both of them kissing. That’s the point where their perfect relationship hits a pothole. On the other end, Lee discovers that Ellie has applied to Harvard which upsets him.

Rachel later bombards on Ellie because of her clock-blocking which complicated Rachel’s relationship with Lee at the Halloween party.

It is a rendition of deftly-chosen expressions of contempt and rage on the thanksgiving lunch at the Flynn’s. Lee, Rachel and Noah are super-annoyed with Ellie, and keep on hitting scoffs and jeers at her. There, Rachel realizes that Lee never told Ellie about giving them space. Ellie announces how she found Chloe’s earring under her boyfriend’s bed. Noah and Chloe are seen at the airport the very next morning. All this makes the viewers get a real-life experience of teenage woe. With everything slipping from Ellie’s hands, she decides to take charge and hold on to everything. In the last 45 minutes, we see the iconic Kissing Booth where Marco stands in front of blind-folded Ellie.

Image Source: Google

Will Ellie kiss Marco blowing her relationship with Noah completely off? Can we expect Rachel to patch-up with Lee? What will be the course of Lee and Ellie’s iconic friendship?

If you are looking for the answer, kindly go and watch The Kissing Booth 2 streaming now on Netflix.

While the movie exaggerates on certain aspects, what keeps the plot intact are the friendship goals set-up by Lee and Ellie. Even though Lee is angry, Ellie abides by Rule no. 5 and they both make a wish on thanksgiving. ‘The Kissing Booth 2′ is somehow a perfect-watch this friendship’s day!

The rom-com manages to gather eyeballs with the very relatable feelings of insecurity and jealousy. The tracks of this sequel are no doubt a blast. Above all, it teaches us:

“You can’t really hold on to someone, ’cause the tighter you hold on to them, the more they wanna slip away. All you can do is love them and make sure they know that you’re never gonna slip away.”

You gotcha figure out who said that, dear reader!

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