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Rock Band Harassed At IIM Lucknow’s Varchasva,Paid Half Cash Prize & Threatened

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The word IIM has gained so much hype and weight.For all the fiery MBA aspirants it is almost like a place of worship.The mere thought of securing yourself a seat in the illustrious institution is enough to keep you from losing your shit in the knackering quant and LR classes.But what if there is an ugly side to the story as well?

A Lucknow based rock band named Escape Artist recently fell prey to the misdeeds of the organisers of IIM Lucknow’s Manfest Varchasva.Being the first runner up in the competition, they had been guaranteed a cash prize of Rs. 20,000.But all they received was Rs. 10,000 and¬†vouchers of Peter England! Woohoo! Let’s get cheated on and then go shopping!

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What is even more disheartening is the fact that when one of the disgruntled members of the band,Vikrant Singh,took to Facebook to share the hypocrisy and malpractice of the institution, his post was deleted by Facebook. Due to a multitude of responses to his post, his account has been blocked for a day.

Things took a hideous turn when they contacted the college director.

“Instead of addressing our problem, They wrote to our respective colleges and threatened to take legal action”

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Here goes the entire sequence of events

  • Confirmation by IIM Lucknow of Escape Artist qualifying the campus round of stairway to hell.
  • Confirmation from the band’s side to perform at stairway to hell.
  • On delaying the cash prize for 3 months 23 days, a mail from professor Prakash Singh from Students’ Affairs Office saying-

“I hope you are aware that this is a student function and we are not responsible for such delays”

  • The event coordinator, Ms. Radhika Purohit,on March 11 misleadingly asks the band members for their college details.On March 17 when they have a telephonic conversation with student council member Akshay Minje,he threatens them that he has sent mails to their respective colleges seeking disciplinary action.

Rock Band Harassed At IIM Lucknow's Varchasva,Paid Half Cash Prize & Threatened

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  • The band received a cheque of Rs. 10000.

After reading through all this,I am sure you are convinced that the perpetrators are in no way repentant.Moreover, when they went to lodge an FIR, what the police officer said is even more pesky.

“Aap gaye hi kyun event mei? Kuch students ne mil ke kara dia event aur aap logon ne believe kar lia? Khatam ho gaye honge paise unke paas isliye nahi diye”

Well, if the officer himself believes that “khatam hogye honge paise”, this ¬†gives rise to the suspicion that they misplaced the money.¬†Kaha gaye paise? Hadn’t¬†they chalked out a budget beforehand?

While I write this,I feel genuine empathy and am able to put myself in the shoes of those innocent musicians who are often duped this way.But,it is a relief to see that the BAND ASSOCIATION OF DELHI has come out to lend its support to the aggrieved members and has directed the organizers to release the amount.

Here’s commending Escape Artist for standing up for their rights and hoping for the best outcome for their endeavour.

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