The Other Room Looks Brighter

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College life has always been a mixture of completely different feet storming in the same college gate every morning. Though everyone comes and goes back to a different shelter and life but once they enter the familiar gate it all tends to collaborate into a marvellous buzz that wraps around the boundaries of college as students buckle up for the hours in college for the day.    

So doesn’t college make everyone’s life change? Well, it definitely does! Perhaps, there are students having their own past and future but a common present in which they dwell. One of the most striking difference that present life of a college student can differ in is what creates home for that person as a lot of students leave their home to create a new one on their own from kilometres away and then there are those who have always had their before college life in the same city and with these two situations, students tend to like the other one better instead of the one in which they actually are.
The question that arises is: Which one is actually better?

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Starting off with being in a different city, it is never a smooth transition to begin with. From finding the right PG or a flat, the shifting phase takes a toll of even the toughest of people. The whole stigma of living the independent life is all very exciting to look and initially it is fun to go by, but after a while you miss your comfort at home. You can always go out for a mug at starbucks but you’ll still miss the flavour of the coffee at home with parents. Yes, you do become more responsible and mature by living away but at the same time the one thing you can never find anywhere else but home is your peace of mind.

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Living at home does have it’s comfort, you never really experience such a turmoil of lifestyle shift. knowing you’ll be going back to your parents after a tiring day at college does make you feel a bit relaxed already but the lack of independence somehow remains specially seeing your outstation friends. It kicks in even harder when you are time bound for plans and they aren’t. Any which way, not carrying the burden of responsibilities that a person living away carries does make your shoulders feel a lot lighter. No matter how advance technology gets, FaceTime cannot replace being beside your parents and talking about life in general in real time.

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Going further, can we really have a conclusive decision on what situation as college life is better? well, no.
But do we really need to to take such a decision? perhaps, not.
They both have their own pros and cons and we often do not have an option to choose between the two as we enter our college life. The important thing that we need to think upon is that for us the other room looks brighter, in whatever situation we maybe in, the other one somehow seems to be a bit more pleasing, therefore, it’s only fair to rather cherish the lifestyle we have been gifted with and to make a beautiful present out of that gift.
What can also be said is that the said two situations may be vastly opposite but the bottom line is that they both teach us the same thing and that is how to adjust, live and enjoy whatever situation life bestows towards us!

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