Sarahah App : Worth the hype or not even your type? Know all about it here!

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They say give people a mask and then they will unveil their truths.

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With literally every other person calling it the new Sayat, the social media is rocked by a recently launched app called “SARAHAH” which allows you to post constructive advice anonymously.

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While the official website tags it as an app that provides honest advice which can ‘improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement’ , some Indians are just calling it a new toy people have got to distract themselves with.

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This is the reason why the rating of the application on Google Play is 3 despite the fact that it is spreading like a wildfire among teenagers.

Rating on Google Play

The enticing factor of Sarahah stays the incognito feature, where you don’t have any knowledge about who posted that review about you. Notwithstanding the popularity, it is getting condemned by some users as they think it is increasing the possibilities of cyber bullying. Many cases have gone viral on social media where people are getting negative reviews based on gender, caste or religion.

While some people passionately used this feature to get constructive advice which could give them a chance to introspect, others had some quite fun view about it.

Credits – Neha
Instagram Handle – neha.doodles

Call this app whatever you like, a gimmick or an instrument to speak freely. Like a coin, it certainly has it’s pros and cons. It’ll be fun to watch how long this trend manages to keep it’s place among the top ones.

Ashima Chawla
Ashima Chawla is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Commerce. She is an avid reader and loves her work as a writer. On the stage in front of an audience is her favorite place to be.

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