Satyawati College’s Principal Calls Allegations On The College As Baseless

Satyawati College's Principal Calls The Allegations On The College As Baseless

The Vice President’s Secretariat has asked for information from Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor inquiring about the “administrative and financial malfunction” reported in Satyawati College and the college’s irregularities in dealing with it.

Delhi High Court lawyer, Ankit Kakkar sent an email at the first place to the Vice President’s secretary complaining about the malfunction and which the Secretary forwarded to Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor Mr Yogesh Tyagi on July 5.

The email mentioned that Satyawati College had neglected the reports submitted by the high-powered committees appointed by the varsity’s vice chancellor to investigate the “administrative and financial malfunction” in the college. It mentioned that the college’s governing body had appointed a committee to look into the appointment of 20 non-teaching staffs, which was also carried out without following any process. The email also alleged that the present principal of the college Manjula Das appointed a student as a full-time employee whom she made to resign immediately after the college governing committee questioned her.

The email urges the Secretary to direct Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor to act on the reports submitted by the committees appointed by him and to check the malfunction and irresponsive behaviour of the college. However, according to Indian Express, the present principal of the college, Manjula Das, in defence of herself and the college, has termed the allegations as baseless and said that the issue is being raised with “vested interest”. The response of the Vice President’s Secretary and consequently the actions of the VC on the college and the principle’s defence is still awaited.


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