SC Rejected DU’s Appeal Against the Construction of High-Rise in North Campus

SC Rejected DU’s Appeal Against the Construction of High-Rise in North Campus

The Supreme Court of India (SC) dismissed the Delhi University’s (DU) appeal against the construction of a high-rise building in North Campus.

Actually, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 2011 had allowed “M/S Young Builders (P) Ltd” to construct a high-rise group housing society in north campus of the esteemed Delhi University. And further, out of three hectares of land, which was given to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) by the Ministry of Defence for the construction of metro station, two hectares of land was leased out to the above mentioned private firm for building a housing society.

Hence, because of this DU moved a plea before a single judge bench of the Delhi High Court first and then filed a plea before before a two-judge bench of the High Court. Without getting any satisfactory decision, DU then filed a plea before the top court- Supreme Court.

And so, to put forward DU’s rejection against the building of high-rise before the top court, it said, “The project site is in question and its vicinity is within the North Campus of the University which has contains various historical and archaeological buildings.” Furthermore, DU also said that the location of various girls’ hostels of the University are close to the proposed construction site which raised “an important privacy concern”.

And to counter this, SC dismissed DU’s plea by taking in account the two judgements of the Delhi High Court which dismissed the plea on the grounds of “delay and laches”.


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