BJP Leader Urges Delhi Government To Take Action Over 'Financial Crises' In DU

After almost a decade, Delhi University has again opened the doors for students under School of Open Learning (SOL) to migrate to regular colleges in their second year of graduation.

This move was possible only till the annual system existed, but after the semester system came into play in 2010, the SOL students lost this option.

In Delhi University, there are almost two lakh students admitted under SOL for five undergraduate courses. Now the executive council of Delhi University has approved the migration, under the rule that if an SOL student scores more than 60% or above in the final first-year examination, then he can migrate to a regular college in second year.

According to Ramesh Bhardwaj, the officer on special duty, this is an important step because there are many students especially the underprivileged who could not score well in their 12th boards, so they take admission in SOL. They must be given a chance to migrate. Also, the syllabus of almost all the courses change from time to time according to the requirement and need of the society and academics, but the SOL syllabus is same.


  1. Hello sir,
    I got admission in SOL not because low marks in 12th class.But there are some critical situation that I’m not able to admit in regular college and I had late for admission.
    But if this post is true,then help me sir how I can get admission in regular college in second year.please explain the procedure .
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for sharing. How will the college in second year be decided? I think providing that information makes this post complete

  3. I have enrolled myself in sol. Plz inform me if its confirmed, so that i may score 60% n above and get a regular college from 2nd year

  4. Good Afternoon Sir,

    I have a query that is I gave 2 year exams in SOL then Can I have take admission in du regular college after my result ???.If yes then please provide me details of admission procedure.


  5. Can you please provide me some more details regarding the same as at present i thinking to join du open for hon. .Would you please guide me though the steps that need to be taken and would it be an easy process to transfer.


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