Scrapping Article 35A - A Boon Or A Bane
Image Source- India Today

Article 35A of Indian Constitution caters special rights and privileges to the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir against which several petitions are being witnessed by Supreme  Court amidst which a petition is filed by an NGO stating such articles as unsound.

“The BJP is open to a debate with anyone or any political party on whether or not Article 35A is in the interest of the people of the state. We are extending an open invitation,” the state BJP chief spokesperson Sunil Sethi told TOI. According to him political affairs have been in a spike since the Article 35A has taken into considerations and also some active political parties in Kashmir stood out with “anti-national” and “anti-people.

“The continuation of Article 35A will not have any benefit for the state. The central government has pumped crores of rupees into the state over the last 70 years but the development has not been as it should have been” Sethi further added.

Whereas on the other hand, IAS officer Shah Faesal spoke in favour of the article claiming that it would impose no threat to the sovereignity and integrity of the country would rather deteriorate the Jammu and Kashmir’s circumstances with the country. National Conference also filed an entreaty in the SC against the petitions summoning the article which was introduced under Presidential Order.In response to which, Sunil Sethi argued that the situations were not as they are today when the law was enforced. “It was a princely state and not a part of India that time. After accession, Jammu and Kashmir became part of India,” he added further.

Now the SC might setup a new five-judge constitution bench to further scrutinize the article challenge.


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