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The Changes IInd Year Brings Along

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Its been almost 3 months since college has started and Im sure all you second year students out there will be able to relate to the following transformations that you might have experienced or noticed so far

  1. Dressing up/Appearance

First day of college is special and so is your outfit. It’s just the right amount of sassy and chill, fast forward to the second year and you are glad you made it to college on time let alone worry about your appearance.

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While this might not always be the case, there are students who go through massive transformation, it’s almost like they are a different person. The shy girl turning into a hottie and the rise of gym freaks are common phenomenon you will notice.

  1. Societies

A great attraction for the freshers, society’s play a huge role during the initial days of college. While in the first year students are busy applying and trying to join as many societies as possible, majority of the second year students are either leaving them or enjoying the prestigious position that they have been given.

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  1. Election

Back in the first year huge poster and holdings, constant handshakes, and hearing ‘please vote and support’ atleast 20 times a day actually made DU elections seem like one heck of a big deal.

But now, you are no longer a fresher and understand how monotonous the process is and definitely not much attention is given, unless one of your friend is standing for a post 😛

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  1. Freshers Party

And amidst all of this there is one thing that every newbie in the college looks forward to, yup it’s the freshers party. You are constantly on the look for which freshers party has the best ‘crowd’ and the thrilled for it as you only get one fresher party, right ?

Moving to the present situation ‘bhai freshers organize karte hain,bohot kamai hogi’

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