Self-Confidence : Your Ultimate Strength

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Confidence, probably the most familiar phrase we come across in our daily life. Confidence is what you are certain about something or somebody.Also being certain or confident about others is quite attainable what we probably lacks in is SELF-CONFIDENCE.Ever realised what does make you feel under confident? Conducting your behaviour on the grounds of other’s estimation? Too cowardice to withstand your failures? Not able to confront anybody due to your mistakes? Well these are some parameters which deploys that you lack in confidence which can sometimes become self destructive. Also,if you are a confident being you can even inspire others to become confident as well.

I myself have encountered various moments which might reduce or even deteriorate my mental strength and lower my self confidence but i always stood for myself and did what i felt was appropriate and not what others assume for me to be.I being a curvy girl have been in a state many a times where people tried to condemned me just like it would not suit you or you are not looking slim in that but wait do we really need other’s opinion for choosing our wardrobe? Not really.On the other side there were people who constantly motivated me to grow the way I am.I am pretty confident that I know how to carry myself, I know that I carry myself with a good personality.

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Well its completely in the hand of individual to enhance his personality and nobody else can do his job.Now the point is how to attain this destination? For that you need to follow a simple path of various steps.The foremost thing you need to recognise is what your strengths are and never take them for granted. Secondly, surround yourself with optimistic people and remove the toxic stuff.Next is you need to know what you’re afraid of mostly and do try to overcome your fear once in the lifetime.Read some motivational books and try to interact with people and you will be able to experience different personalities.Never ever your choices should be other people dependent.It should be you, what you want to wear, what you want pursue,etc.Start accepting your criticism and appreciation gracefully.

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All you need to do is be confident with heads high,take a stand wherever needed,put yourself on priority and you have won half of the battle.You just need to know your worth.

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Jasleen Kaur Gulati
A 2nd year student pursuing B.A programme and an aspiring writer she is , endeavoring to tweak the skills through pen down thoughts into words....!!!!

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