Self-Love v/s Narcissism

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In this busy world you are so caught up with work and other competitive things that you often forget yourself in the process. When you achieve something big, you feel glory and when you lose, you feel despair. While things happen around you, you unquestionably should take out time to praise yourself. But here’s the question that arises, is it selfish to love yourself? Or are you being narcissistic when you say that you love yourself? The clash between the two and the discourse of Self-Love v/s Narcissism is very old and an important subject matter that needs immediate clarification.

Let’s begin with the basics.


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A narcissistic person loves themselves and only themselves. They are full of pride and have such vanity that to an extent that they even forget other people’s existence.


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Self-Love is when a person cares for themselves while keeping others in mind. It is not about achievements or failures. It is all about well being.

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This is the simplest way to explain that being indulged in self-love does not mean you are a narcissist. Narcissism is a whole different concept, and it is seen as a personality disorder too which is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People who suffer from this disorder need medical attention because it might be harmful. At the same time, self-love is all about caring about one’s total well-being.

Self-Love v/s Narcissism

The self-love v/s narcissism is easy to understand and you can overcome this doubt with the help of few methods mentioned below:

  • Introspect. Look within yourself whether you have an inflated sense of compassion towards yourself or not.
  • Praise the people around you. Praise their worthiness, their existence.
  • Congratulate yourself on your every single achievement.
  • Take failure as a lesson, not as a disappointment.

Loving yourself is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Start today by appreciating yourself and others too. Put faith in yourself and see the world coming in order. You will eventually feel more content once you start understanding the difference between self-love v/s narcissism.

Love Yourself

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