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Seven Hollywood Movies That Will Not Disappoint You

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Most of us love to indulge in movies in our leisure time, to take our minds off the stress that plagues us all day. But what if the movie turns out to be nothing but a bore and a colossal waste of time? Well, worry not, because here is a list of Hollywood movies that will undoubtedly keep you hooked throughout!

1. Interstellar

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A global crop blight has become a huge threat to mankind and its existence. Joseph Cooper, a former NASA astronaut, runs a farm with his two children and father. It is revealed to him by a secret NASA facility that a wormhole has opened up near Saturn, providing a quick gateway to another galaxy with potentially habitable planets. Follow Cooper and his entourage on their mission to find the most habitable planet in order to save the human race.

In a world where we are yet to explore Mars, this movie is a visionary masterpiece. This glimpse into the spectacular future as illustrated by Christopher Nolan, is sure to appeal to you on an intellectual level. Once the movie ends, you cannot help but marvel, at the amount of perception and imagination that has gone into making this iconic film.

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2. Deadpool

This movie is a must watch for anyone who is a Marvel comic fan (or not). Wade Wilson makes one wrong decision and makes the mistake of putting his trust in the bad guys and suddenly his world turns upside down, as he finds himself transformed into a mutant with quick healing powers. Action sequences, a beautiful love story, mutants and terminal illness, this movie has it all.

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With a twisted sense of humor and near-invincibility in Wade’s arsenal, witness how this anti-hero gets onto the bad guy’s case like a storm!

3. La La Land

Mia Dolan is an aspiring actress who is eagerly waiting for her first breakthrough. Sebastian Wilder is a charming but struggling pianist, who is passionate about jazz music and wants to keep it alive in the age of EDM. Walking around a movie lot and having drinks at a jazz club, these two connect over their endeavors to follow their dreams.

La La Land is poetry in motion with an impeccable screenplay and incredibly powerful performances by the lead actors. Its song sequences with their striking lyrics and soft music will touch your heart in all the right places. La La Land is a tribute to all of us, who have struggled to keep our dreams alive and have lost a lot on the way.

Maybe grab a couple of tissues because this movie will definitely take you on an emotional high!

4. The Conjuring

Now this one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Roger and Carolyn Perron move into a farmhouse in Rhode Island with their five daughters. They later find out that the house is haunted by several spirits who make their life a living hell. They seek help from Ed and Lorraine Warren, a paranormal investigators couple.

Packed with several spine-chilling horror sequences and an eerie background score, The Conjuring promises to have you shrinking in the corner of your sofa. After witnessing sinister ghosts and piercing screams, nightmares are sure to follow. You have been warned!

5. The Fault In Our Stars

‘Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.’

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a witty teenager, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her mother urges her to attend a cancer support group in order to lead a ‘normal’ life. There, she meets Augustus Waters, a spunky and enthusiastic teenager, whose worst fear is that he will fade into oblivion. They instantly bond over books, and what entails is a beautiful and heart-warming love story.The Insightful dialogues, and the ease with which love blooms between Hazel and Augustus will keep you hooked right till the very end!

6. The Martian

Ares III has gone on an expedition to Mars led by Melissa Lewis. A massive dust storm of large magnitude hits their exploration site without warning, forcing the crew to immediately abort the mission. Amidst the havoc, crew member Mark Watney, is hit by debris and all communication with him gets lost. Assuming him to be dead, the crew has no choice but to leave. The next morning, Mark awakens, only to find he’s low on oxygen and all alone on the red planet.

The moment he utters the words “I’m not going to die”, you know this movie is going to be nothing short of epic. Experience how this brave and brilliant man faces great the greatest of odds to survive. But does he make it back the Earth? You will have to watch the movie to find out!

7. Dead Poets Society

‘No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.’

If you wish to be truly inspired into ‘making your life extraordinary’ this movie should be on the top of your must-watch list. Witness how, in an elite prep school which concentrates on turning its students into mere machines, John Keating, an unconventional teacher, uses off-beat methods to motivate his students into thinking out of the box.

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