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Seven Things Expected From A ‘Sanskaari’ Indian Girl

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Our society has a number of rules but there are some special rules exclusively for girls. Being a girl comes with a manual of do’s and dont’s. Among the many idiotic things that the society expects from a girl some are listed below:

1. No Short Clothes

Girls are expected to dress modestly and with that I mean that they should probably be covered from head to toe because skin show invites unwanted attention and it is our duty to shield ourselves from stares.

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2. Shave Everything

It is a social implication. You are not considered to be feminine enough if you don’t shave your hands, legs etc. (I know that etc sure does hurt). Whereas, it is manly for a male to have a beard or hair on his chest.

3. Your place is in the Kitchen

Well because that makes you suitable enough to get married. And after all, the way to a man’s heart goes through the stomach. In addition to cooking you should also know all the household chores because if not in kitchen you should be seen doing laundry and stuff.

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4. No This No That

A big no no to smoking, drinking,partying late night or night stays because that makes you a woman of loose character.

5. Look Good Always

Be good looking and presentable all the time. Comb your hair, be up to date with fashion, put on some make-up, sit with your legs crossed and blah blah!

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6. Shaadi Karlo

Get settled down till 27 otherwise you will get rishtaas of only divorcees or very older men.

7. No Answering Back

Don’t talk back (especially to elders). You can be educated but you dare not be opinionated. Act shy and talk in a low pitch because it makes you sanskari.

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