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Simple Ways To Overcome Fear And Low Self Esteem

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You have dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve but do you often feel incompetent amongst your peers? That you’re not good enough at skills that other people are. Trying to come over these fears can be a tiresome task but will help you in great deal in future.

Overcome your fears and self-doubt with some simple changes that will make a huge difference in your life.

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1. Don’t ever lie to yourself

That’s where the major starts to erupt. We tend to lie to ourselves and create a fairy land where we are the most perfect being on this earth. But in reality, it’s not so. ¬†Confront yourself with what you fear, what you actually don’t like about yourself and your aspirations .

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2. Don’t compare your success to other people’s success

It doesn’t matter how far the other person has reached towards their goal . You don’t have a similar path as them. You are unique in yourself. Set small milestones for yourself and celebrate your own little success.

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3. Be decisive

Being decisive doesn’t mean that you need to take decisions in haste or without someone else’s opinion. Listen to everyone but do what you feel right. Only you should have the power to regulate your life.

4. It’s okay not to be okay!

As we grow older , we learn to say , ‘ I’m fine!’ even when we are not. You don’t need to lie that yourself. It’s okay not to be okay because only then you can comprehend what’s wrong!

5. Don’t wait for people to rescue you!

It’s one of the easiest resort out of all the problems. Running for solutions to the people who you trust is convenient for short span but by this way things won’t be easy for you in future. Discover who you are , what you want and the way you want to tackle difficult stances.

Always remember nobody knows you better than you. The solution always lies within yourself.

P.S. : Loving yourself is an endless affair.

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