Six Gyaan Points For Freshers Joining DU This Year From Their Seniors

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1. ‚ÄúA common mistake that most freshers make is that in order to get attention they overdo things. It can be their dressing or makeup, but instead they should do whatever they are comfortable in. In your initial days, everyone tries to be your friend, sab aapko apne group ka part banana chahenge to create their own army, but wait for some days and evaluate people. You will meet all kinds of people and will see the true colours, so be open to that. Also, if you put a lot of makeup and dress over the top, your seniors will judge you. So don‚Äôt do it.”

2. “Avoid going to classes on the first week as nothing is going to happen. Classes will not take place in starting instead sit in the amphitheatre or the canteen and enjoy the view and chill because you are not going to get these days again.”

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3. “On the very first day, you might be needing help To locate the places in college and you will find many seniors trying to help you, but it’s a trap. Those mysteries will be solved in September, when you will be asked to vote for them in the elections. Another advice is that the teacher will ask if you want to be the Class Representative. Don’t say yes, otherwise only you’ll be going to class while your friends will enjoy outside!”

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4. “Don’t bunk many classes as it will create a huge trouble for you during the exams days.”

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5. “ Be careful and extra attentive when it comes to you, there will be many seniors as well as your classmates who will love to pull you down”

6. “ Participate in as many activities as you can because the experience you will gain will help you a lot after graduating from du and also it will build a good CV.”

Make sure you follow these six points at least during the freshmen year because you seniors know it better than anyone else!

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Ruwaidah Suhail
Ruwaidah Suhail a student at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. Known for following her ambitions. Giving words to her thoughts, she is a Writer at DU Express but, thats not giving you a lot of detail! So read her articles here.

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