Six Ways To Destress Yourself

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In this busy life do you have time to think about ways to reduce the ongoing stress in your life? Surely, only a bunch of you must have had a thought about it. Others must have thought that keeping themselves busy might work. Maybe some people might not even have that much to think about their stress.

But, is that what you do when you are hungry? Of course, no! You eat and satisfy your hunger. Then why not work on ways to satisfy yourself by destressing your body. If you do not try to work on it there can be many harmful effects of that on your body. Because of stress you will suffer from headache, high blood pressure, problem in sleeping. Sometimes stress can worsen your diseases. So here are ways to destress yourself.

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Six Ways To Destress Yourself


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The most basic and easy way to release stress is through meditation. When you meditate the stressful hormones from the body are released which makes you feel lighter and happier. It even enables you to concentrate and focus more on studies or work. Always choose a quite and fresh place to meditate.

2. Relaxation

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Relaxation means doing things that makes you feel happy like listening music, writing, cooking, etc. This is one of the best stress busters. When you do things that you like you completely forget about the stress in your life and feel like a carefree bird.

3. Biofeedback

In this method the person is exposed to some audio and visuals through which certain details are measured such as high blood pressure, heart beat, etc. Through these details you can be treated for migraine headache, chronic pain and so on. It is a way of healing from inside and helps you control your stress level.

  1. 4. Modeling (Observation)

    Modeling is a way of learning or observing things that others do, which helps you in building yourself. This means adapting good habits or qualities from another person. Imitating a person, but in your own better ways. For example, the way you dress, you must have your own style but learnt and inspired from someone else.

    5. Cognitive Restructuring

    This method involves exchanging your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Positivism is a part of this as when you are in a messy place you feel disgusted and unhappy. Whereas, when you are in a quite and peaceful place you stay calm and cheerful. Environment affects the stress level and mood of a person. 

    6. Having Strong Social Support

    Last but not the least is support. Take a moment and think, what made you happy last time? Your answers may be- meeting friends, outing with family, date with your partner, etc. Something common in all these is that you spent time with someone else, which is the most important thing. This lowers your stress level and destresses you.

These are the Six Ways To Destress Yourself. As the fest season is over and exams are approaching, so is stress. Try these ways to destress yourself and make yourself feel happy and satisfied. Burdening yourself with stress will only burden you and your body more, therefore, it is very essential to destress yourself.


Stay happy, Stay calm!

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