St Stephens Professor Kills Himself After Forcing Mother To Commit Suicide

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On October 19, an ad hoc Philosophy Professor, Allen Stanley at St Stephens College perpetrated suicide by jumping in front of a train post forcing his own mother to end her life at their Pitampura house. The 27 year old Allen Stanley’s body was found near platform 3 at Central Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla Railway Station. While his mother Lissy, who was 55 was found hanging from the ceiling fan. Her mouth was stuffed with a cloth and her limbs were tied. 

After further investigation, it was found that the two had a case of abetment of suicide registered against them in Kerala, their home state. The case was filed by Lissy’s second husband who passed away last year, and was on anticipatory bail. 

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The teacher left a four-page suicide note in which he clearly mentioned the case and said he and his mother were upset and depressed about it. Allen Stanley was a temporary Professor of Philosophy at Stephen’s college and was doing his PhD from IIT Delhi. 

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The police reported Stanley and Lissy had an ongoing property dispute with her second husband’s first wife. The police received a call at 12:30 PM on Saturday from a relative of Lissy stating she was not responding to calls and her house door was closed. 

“When the police team reached her apartment in Pitampura and checked the handle of the door, it opened. She was found hanging from the ceiling fan and her mouth was stuffed with a cloth. The police tried contacting her son Allen but he could not be reached” a police official was quoted as saying.

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It was suspected that someone must have forced her to perpetrate suicide since the cloth was stuffed in her mouth, a case of murder was registered at Rani Bagh police station. Meanwhile, Allen’s friend who is an associate professor, tried calling him but the phone was answered around 1:30pm by a Government Railway Police (GRP) officer who informed him that Allen has committed suicide on the railway tracks. 

The investigating team revealed that Stanley had told a colleague on 15th October that he was thinking of perpetrating suicide. “He had tried to force his mother to end her life five days back but she did not agree,” Koan said.

The police also stated Allen was very depressed over police investigations against him and his mother. 

“His friends and relatives who stayed in Delhi had even visited their house after he had attempted to force his mother to commit suicide. They tried telling them that things would be fine but Stanley wanted to end his life. We suspect the mother had cloth in her mouth because Stanley wanted to make sure she didn’t scream,” said a police officer.

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