Stay Committed Towards Your Pets During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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Look at those eyes! Look that nose! Those ears! And those paws are love! God! He gave me a nose boop! I love this kid! Babe let’s take this puppy home! He is love, seriously! It’s a rush of dopamine to walk through a pet shop. See those lovely babies. Pet that silky smooth fur. Take one bundle of joy home. Play fetch with it. Stroke his fur time and again. Watch him sleep. Watch him wag his tail. And the list is endless.

But, Have you ever walked through a rescue shelter? Or closer to reality, and worse, a kill shelter? The eyes, the ears, the tail wag, all are the same but only to meet either a definite end or a forever home. The chances of ending up with the second option in India is bleak.

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No one can deny the joy one experiences on adding a four-legged ball of love into their family, but are you sure you want that addition? Are you ready for it? Will you be able to deliver the ultimate commitment to that voiceless blessed soul? W. I. L. L. Y. O. U. B. E?

The commitment doesn’t end with filling up their water bowls, giving them food, taking them for their regular walks. It’s much above and beyond this. It’s much cavernous than this. It’s taking their complete responsibility irrespective of the change in their vigor, age, ability to perform certain tasks, size and inability to perform tricks. The commitment promises the accommodation of the furball in your life even as things, routine, place, and your other life prospects change. The commitment is for now and forever, for life and beyond.

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Pets are not just a source of entertainment but a full-fledged commitment. They are not animals, they are babies. They are not cute teddies to play with, they are voiceless souls to care for.

This thought came over, following the mass abandonment of pets amid the coronavirus fear. We strongly support the idea of taking all the necessary and basic precautions and following all the hygiene enhancing practices. But the exposure to social sites regarding such topics is doing no good. The self-proclaimed scientists and doctors are all-day free to put on news, facts, and remedies for the ‘pandemic’. This baseless information adds nothing but rumors and tension in society. Let’s stay away from them. It’s more hooking than the virus itself. Let’s keep ourselves, our pets and the society as a whole, safe and free of rumors and corona!

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