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Still Not Able To Study? This Might Be The Reason

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So we are here to find the reasons which is distracting us from our studies and their respective remedies. Remember you are reading this article because you want to get over that reasons and start studying.

College life signifies more freedom ,more hang outs and less time to study

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Temporary pleasures kill our ability to think about what are our priorities at this particular moment and how to align them. We might be doing that activity which is least important for us and is not improving our life at all.

Mobile Addiction

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Social life, active on almost all social application. Your exams have arrived and you are still busy there scrolling your feed. You must set time limits for it’s usage. No long para’s , just be clear :- Limit your usage NOW! or repent later.

Family Business Back Up

Hey Dude-why should I study,i have father’s business at my back!

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Oh common dude! Keep it there only(at your back),for some adverse situation(as a last resort) , it’s your life so do something on your own! You have got enough resources from your parents up till now , and now it’s time to revert. So create your future on your own will and hard work.

 Competition Fear

Due to intense competition, students with less potential might end up leaving their studies, losing all their hopes. But at this point i just wanna say  75 marks abhi khi nhi gye so buck up! You will make it surely.

Relationships and Peer influence

Teenage relationships are very common these days , distracting students from their studies and in turn students suffer in future a lot.¬† Further many students because of bad influence and peer pressure preclude from studying, while their friends encourage them to procrastinate studying and ‘chill out’.

It’s the time to apprise your loved ones about the gravity of the issue and start studying and let them study too.


Try to understand the value of learning,the value of education. The thought of learning something new is always exciting, isn’t it? This way you will get an interest in your curriculum and will not need an external motivation from now onward.

This is the time you have to decide whether to have that brimming smile on the result day or to ignore your friend’s messages; asking about your result.

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