To The Final Year Students : Things To Do In Last Semester Of College

Welcome to college! You see many people here? Don’t worry they are just as nervous as you are. Don’t get scared, don’t shy away. They are not huge burly monsters looking to eat you. Being a fresher is a stressful task. You have to face so many new people and try to call them home and blend with them. It can be very intimidating, which is absolutely normal; but being intimidated will just make you look like the shy kid who likes to be alone.
So buckle up for a few tips to make your college life start with a bang.


A smile can go a long way. Smiling at someone is the best way to start a conversation. Just don’t be creepy and keep smiling from a distance. Smile at someone and talk to them. You will make many friends just with the help of you pearly whites.


If being confident is something you are not good at then don’t fret because people don’t know that. Look confident. Stand straight with your shoulders high and your chin up. Talk to people as if you’ve known them all your life. Introduce yourself to a stranger you want to. They might want to talk to you too.
Appearing confident will make you feel good and make you blend better with people.


Be who you are. Being pretentious will not land you anywhere. People will eventually find out the real you so trying to mimic someone’s behavior would not be a wise move.
Being pretentious will not give you the opportunity to express who you really are and people will never get to know the real you. Embrace who you are and people will love you for that.


Don’t push yourself to be a part of a particular group just because it looks ‘cool’. All that shines is not gold,, so if you think a group looks way too cool it might not have the sweetest people. Don’t run after fitting in, right things will fall in place with time. Don’t rush things.


She has an iphone and you don’t?
This shouldn’t matter. Comparing yourself with others will only shorten your horizon and you will not appear that friendly if you are constantly comparing and cribbing about something. Be friendly and be happy with who you are and what you have.

Just remember nervousness is easily visible and so is being pretentious. Just be you and be confident in being you and people will be attracted to you. Being shy is not a drawback, you can turn it around.Have fun making friends!


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