Stress Is Killing Us Day By Day Slowly,Its High Time We Talk About It

Stress Is Killing Us Day By Day Slowly,Its High Time We Talk About It
Image Source-American Heart Association

89% of India’s population suffers from stress. Increasing rate of stress in the modern world is frightening as it leads to a wide variety of problems. People in middle-ages are highly vulnerable to suffer memory loss. Research has revealed that the brain size of middle-aged people reduces. This is due to the body’s main stress hormone, cortisol.

High levels of cortisol can worsen your memory and degrade task performance.

Higher the cortisol in the blood; smaller the brain volume.

Justin B. Echouffo-Tcheugui (Harvard University) said, “Cortisol affects many different functions, so it is important to fully investigate how high levels of the hormone may affect the brain.”

Memory loss is the main symptom of brain shrinkage. The major issue is that the majority of adults do not seek medical help to deal with stress. One should not feel ashamed and talk to people about their problems. Many celebrities have opened up about dealing with depression. Common people usually don’t realise that they need help. There are several helpline numbers available by government and private organisations. Somewhere is there to listen to your inner battle.

Optimal management by getting enough sleep and exercising is recommended to divert attention. We are well aware that “prevention is better than cure”. It is high time we talk about mental illness.


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