Student Allegedly Beaten Up In Kirori Mal College For Being A 'UP-Bihar' Wala

In a shameful incident,a student was allegedly beaten up by a group of students at Kirori Mal College.The fact which is more shocking is that the student was targeted for being a “UP-Bihar’ wala.

This incident happened on 15th March 2018 and was recorded on the CCTV installed inside college premises.The video footage shows a group of assailants,who were 7-8 in number,attacking the victim.The victim is seen being slapped and thrashed brutally.The students beating him can be seen running when they saw a guard approaching them.

The victim was quoted saying,”They used to ask me for money and target me saying,’Tum UP Bihar ke ho,yahan tumhari nhi chalti’.” He also cited the indifference of police regarding this matter who didn’t take him seriously when he approached them.

Although,such incidents aren’t rare to be seen or heard of these days,what is most troubling about these incidents is the apathy of the police officials who fail to register even an FIR in these matters.


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