Students With Zero or Negative Marks in NEET Get Admission in Medical Colleges
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Now this is something serious issue to think upon. It has never been easy to be admitted in a medical or engineering college.  Students would have been gearing up from 9th or 10th class by taking coaching for such medical entrances. But probably now it is.

There are at least 400 students who secured their seats in medical colleges mostly private with zero or negative marks in physics, chemistry and biology in NEET entrance exam. Do these marks even make them eligible for admission? Whats the point of taking exams when scoring even zero can get you into a medical college where even multiple attempts sometimes found lacking.  Whats the point of taking coaching form 9th grade when whatever marks you score you will designated with MBBS degree. Many students have raised their voice against such menace which is probably required in such deed.

The crux that why the students are getting admission even with such abysmal marks is the revised notification of NEET issued by Medical Council of India (MCI) which stated that it is not necessary for the candidates to score minimum 50 percent marks (and 40 percent marks for reserved category) in individual subjects. According to the reports, 1,990 in total candidates took admission in medical college based on their NEET score and scored 150 or lesser marks out of 720 in 2017 and there were 530 students who secured admission in private medical college while out of 530, there were 507 candidates who either score zero or negative marks.

This system of education clearly reflects the adversity that how the person who can afford 20 lakhs per anum can get admission even with nominal marks but the one with phenomenal score but with average financial capacity has to overcome several hurdles for admission which he might get.

DR. KK Talwar who headed the BoG in 2012 told TOI “If the NEET results over the years show that the percentile cut-off is too low, or that minimum marks need to be fixed, there is nothing stopping the MCI from making necessary amendments.”

Well there are many such cases which are to be looked upon and happened in the past meanwhile experts are suggesting MCI to make certain changes in the current NEET guidelines if the percentile and minimum eligibility criteria continuous to suffer downfall.


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