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Studying BA Programme At Delhi University – No More A Saviour But A Hero,The Most Suitable Of All

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Are you a person struggling with the dilemma as to what course you should opt for?

Are you a person confused and apprehensive regarding your career? Or

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Are you a person willing to explore the nuances of each subject and to give up your life to a single subject?

Then here’s a perfect course to serve all your needs.

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B.A.Programme or the former B.A.Pass is a course that has been playing underdog for decades, however, provides an array of opportunities in comparison to single disciplinary courses. In the past, this course played the role of a backup option to the desired Hon(s) subject for most of the students. A major similarity can be found between the course of Liberal Arts in the West and B.A.Programme. Thus B.A.Programme is becoming the public’s favourite choice today. B.A.Programme is no more a saviour but a hero to the students now.

B.A.Programme being one of the hot courses of Delhi University provides you with a multi-disciplinary approach and an opportunity to explore and experiment with your druthers. Many of the colleges like Lady Shri Ram, Gargi College have also formed a separate department for the course proving its importance in today’s time. The course also offers commerce based choices as well, ranging from Human Resource Management, Advertising and Marketing, Entrepreneurship to Office Management and Sales, Apart from the traditional Humanities subjects like English Literature, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology etc. Also, students who have studied maths till 12th standard can opt for the same. These disciplines open gates of MBA and PGDM for higher studies. B.A.Programme is an academically less burdensome course which allows the students to take coaching classes or any other short term courses side by side during their graduation without having to take a toll on their college studies. This aspect is extremely beneficial for UPSC aspirants per se. Furthermore, it opens gates for professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication, Hotel Management, Computer certified courses as a career choice. The real edge that B.A.programme has over other undergraduate courses is that it qualifies you to do Masters in either of the major subjects that you have chosen from during the admission. Additionally opening doors to the lines of teaching.

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B.A.Programme: The most suitable of all.
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The major career perks of B.A.programme being discussed now, let’s talk about the minor aspects of the same. People who believe in exploration makes them apt for this course. The course does not turn mundane as from 3rd to 6th semester you have the possibility to choose from the number of papers offered. Another perk of the same is that a student can study the same topic from a historian’s point of view as well as that of a sociologist. Thus establishing an opportunity to turn every stone. Ananya, a B.A.Programme Graduate from Kamala Nehru College says “By 4th semester I was learning 4 disciplines and was specialising in 2 disciplines. BA programme makes you realise in the true sense that sky is the limit. You can study so many things, juggle with such wonderful disciplines and yet there would be an opportunity to explore more.”

Students willing to reconnoitre every cultural and vivacious aspect of Delhi University has the elbow room to perfectly balance out their studies as the course is not burdensome. Besides that, a student of B.A. programme has the freedom to cognize their various capabilities, capacities and their career choices. B.A. Programme offers you time to groom your personality allowing you to grow professionally and mentally to make a well-informed choice for your future endeavours.

I recommend the course to all my friends apprehensive of making career choices so soon. The course provides you with ample time and experience to make the right choice with other aspects like

  • Allows you to choose from an array of subjects and papers.
  • It does not have a mundane approach.
  • Chance to experience the fun and the cultural activities of Delhi University and endure your college life to the fullest.
  • Opens gate to various career opportunities from MBA to B.Ed. to any professional course.
  • You have the opportunity to follow any hobby and improve your skill set.
  • Fun Fact: You get to make a lot of friends as B.A.programme offers 17 subjects and everyone may not have the same subjects as yours. So no more sitting in the same four walls with the same people.
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