Monday, June 1, 2020

Surviving Economics Hons : GOT Style

Be¬†Sure, it’s a battlefield-

Since, it’s about time for higher and more customized study of your respective subjects,you don’t gratuitously walk in.You Be Sure.

Wear it like armour-

Look,at it like this,you’re in a course you’ve wanted for yourself. Wear it like an armour. And what i mean to say is,you may find yourself scoring low,but then you signed up for it.So be ready to slay! (Not literally.)

Be receptive to your weakness-

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And work on them,I’m sure doing Economics Honours is your journey to somewhere else.A mini cooper,that Solo trip to Iceland, Higher studies abroad,etc.So Enjoy it.Eh? Because that is what journeys are for.

It could be difficult but not impossible-

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of course,it ain’t,you know it…..

But even if you doubt it.Just remember, Robb Stark won the first battle against the Lannisters even though everyone thought of him as a boy back then.Surprise others and Yourself!

Only by admitting what we are we can get what we want-

Well,this time a dialogue by Lord Baelish for you.Know what you need.Help from that Lecturer,Some more practice questions, Coachings at North Campus or Satya Niketan or just some more hours of self- studying.Don’t look at what suits others.Know what you need,What suits You!

Once in a lifetime-

So I would wrap it up for you like this,You only do Economics Honours Once,Don’t half ass it.


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Namrata Dayal
An ambivert from Lady Shri Ram College and a brutally honest writer. Has Insatiable love for books and a singular palate when it comes to Food and Music.

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