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Is Attendance More Important Than A Young Life?

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Remember that dialogue of Aamir Khan from the movie 3 idiots?

“Sir ye suicide nahi murder hai”

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Sushant Rohilla,a BA LLB student of Amity Law School,Noida (affiliated to GGSIPU) committed suicide on August 10 by hanging himself at his Sarojini Nagar residence. In his suicide note,he said he was ashamed of not being a good son,a good brother and a good friend.

sushant rohilla

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Sushant failed to abide by the mandatory 75% attendance criteria and thus was debarred from giving his end term semester examinations and would have to repeat a year.He was a member of the debating society of his college,participated in and won several moot court competitions and contributed to various college events.Due to a legitimate foot injury,he was unable to go to the college daily.

Mail written by Sushant pleading not to detain him

While the University will make a thousand calls to take admission and submit fees,no calls were made to him to present his case.All his pleas,unfortunately,fell on deaf ears.

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His friends and family also posted on social media demanding justice for Sushant Rohilla and blamed the college authorities for this unfortunate incident.

Mr Jagdish Kumar is the father of Sushant.
Sushant’s sister Mehak Rohilla’s facebook post.

Protests at the University

The students protested from 9.30 am to 12 noon in front of Gate Number 1 of Amity University demanding justice for Sushant. The college authorities were initially insisting that the students go inside the campus to protest but the students refused as they believed that would defeat the purpose.The students have also put forward a manifesto to the authorities.

Image source- Indiatoday
Image source- Indiatoday

Education system of the country

Sadly, our education system is only promoting a rat race.Just sitting in the classes (not because you really want to but because the university might detain you.It is okay for you to sleep or day dream and though you might do something better and productive during that time but shhh its 75% attendance and that is all that matters) and mugging up a night before an exam (well,if you have a good score you get a good job).

There is no such thing as skill building and giving the practical aspects of what the students have been studying in their classrooms.A student who dared to do that by himself was detained,mentally harassed by the college and called “weak”.

Thus,we must seek justice for an innocent life wasted for a mere attendance policy and make sure there aren’t any such cases in any other institute of the country. #JusticeForSushant

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