Syahi : An Earth-Friendly Initiative By Enactus Kirori Mal College

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The Enactus unit of Kirori Mal college has started an eco-friendly initiative called “Syahi” a few days back. Their aim is to introduce a sustainable alternative to plastic pens, with the idea of handmade pens made of upcycled paper.

But hold on, that’s not all that they have to offer, they also give you the opportunity to plant trees as their products come with a  with a seed at the rear end of the pen!

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Apart from all this, they also have another thoughtful side to this initiative. All of these pens are made by a community of underprivileged women who are looking to break the strangehold of patriarchy. A well carried dual motive initiative, indeed!

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This was a much needed realisation on their part. In India alone, 1.65 crore pens are thrown away every month. All these single use plastic pens are accumulating huge amounts of plastic waste on the planet. And we as students, should plan more such initiatives to help the planet, and also persuade others to become more environmentally conscious.

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Vaishnavi Mishra
Vaishnavi is a first year student at Zakir Husain Delhi College. She finds her muse in poetry, and in her head, everything is a piece of art. Apart from her evidently sophisticated interests, she likes cat videos, tumblr posts and procastrinating.

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