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Largest Black Hole Collision detected via Gravitational Waves

Gravitational astronomers detected the most massive and distant black hole collision till date. It weighs 142 heavier than the sun. A gravitational wave signal lasting 0.1 seconds emanated when black holes weighing 85 times and 66 times of solar mass, respectively, collided in a binary system.

Scientists Ask WHO To Revise Rules As They Claim Coronavirus is Airborne

The guidelines by WHO claim that coronavirus spreads primarily through the salivary droplets or small particles emitted from the nose and mouth of an infected person while talking, sneezing or coughing. However,...

College Diaries : Hansraj College

Hansraj. Popularly known as ' Shahrukh Khan ka college'. The name itself is a brand. Majority of college aspiring students want to take admission in this prestigious college. Located on the Mahatma...

The Experience of Changing Streams

No matter how much we crib about our subjects or our course, we are always ready to defend it when someone else points a finger at it. Just a few days back...

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Validation and Indians: The Royal Colonial Treatise

We have ignored our customs and traditions for a long time under the banner of backwardness. But its rather astonishing that we seem to embrace the same customs when the west starts to hail it.

The Kite Runner: Make this your first read!

Introducing The Kite Runner How many homes have war destroyed? How many smiles have wars wiped? How many lives have wars cost? Around 40 million...

Looking back on the International Day of Democracy

Democracy is a form of government in which people have the right and authority to choose their governing legislation. On September 15, 1997, the...