Teachers Demanding Maternity Leave Writes To Delhi University Vice Chancellor

A letter has been sent to the Vice-Chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi by the teachers of Delhi University urging to grant maternity leave to the non-permanent female staff. Rajesh Jha, Professor and member of Executive Council, sent the letter to VC after receiving a letter from the governing body of Aditi Mahavidyalaya for Women which took into account resolution in July to put forth the benefits of paid maternity for contractual and non-permanent women staff.

“Thousands of ad-hoc teachers have been suffering on account of ‘no-maternity-policy for non-permanent female employees. Many careers have been jeopardized because of this policy. In many cases, women had to report to work very next day of child birth,” Rajesh Jha was quoted as saying.

Recently in a meeting of Academic Council (AC),the University had decided to extend the minimum allowance of maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks for ad-hoc female teachers staff but apparently it is not being properly implemented hence the female staff is not able to get through the benefits.The Regulation Amendment Committee of the University stood with certain proposals of women being acquired with the maternity leave to the Academic and Executive Council of the University and with approval of whose will it only become an ordinance.


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