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Ten Smartphone Applications Every College Student Should Have

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Smart phones and tech gadgets have made their prominence into our lives. One thing that we college students can’t live without is smartphones, and specifically the super cool apps that make our college life much more happening and enable us to take the whole of the internet on our fingertips.

Well! If you are a college student then these are some of the amazing apps that you shouldn’t miss to install!!

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Ten Smartphone Applications Every College Student Should Have

Available for both android and I Phone users, this app is probably the most popular social media platform for connecting with friends,relatives and growing your personal and professional network.

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From a platform for sharing pictures,videos and updates, this app has emerged as a means of fostering awareness among the people related to latest news,events,campaigns,pages and lot more.


Another cool app is ‘Instagram’. It is basically a photo sharing application with the help of which you can easily share and upload pictures and videos with great ease.

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It’s features range from instagram hash tags to instagram stories.The app is for both android and I Phone users.


If you want to learn a new language without much waste of time and effort then Duolingo is just the right app for you.
Designed for catering the needs of android and Iphone users the app provides free language courses coupled with a digital language proficiency assessment exam. So, your way to become a well round conversationalist is much more simplified with this easy to use app.


Available to android and Iphone users, this app has made its mark in the hearts and lives of the smartphone users. With the help of internet, sharing of pictures,videos,documents,contacts,GIFs,audios and almost everything is so much easy and convenient.

Recently the app added another feature named ‘Status’, which allows users to share their pictures and videos for 24 hours time period and automatically makes it visible to all their contacts.

5. OLA

This app provides hassle free transportation to its customers by connecting them and the cab drivers onto a mobile technology platform.

Ten Smartphone Applications Every College Student Should Have

Thus, one can easily book a cab for instant travelling, providing great convenience to its users. The app serves the needs pf both android and I Phone users.


India’s largest mobile payment service platform ‘Paytm’ allows the users to pay/scan screen for quick payments.

Ten Smartphone Applications Every College Student Should Have

Starting from online mobile bill recharge and bill payments app, it has now become a useful tool to book air tickets, movie tickets, pay for fuel and payment of DTH. Thus the app is quite useful for quick transactions.


Are you a big time foodie, but is unable to explore great places to eat? Well! ‘Zomato’ is just the right app for you. This app provides information of restaurants to eat at or order in from.

An easy to use app which provides reviews and menus of restaurants with unlimited delivery options.


Designed for both android and Iphone users, this app is a storehouse of creativity and quick snack ideas.

It lets you repin an image directly to the pinboard and save crafty ideas of your choice.


It is a network of 6 of your most trusted contacts, and lets them know whenever you are in a nasty situation.

This kind of preventive tool, is originally designed for college students to help each other and feel safe and confident everywhere. Both I Phone and android users can use this app.


College life is that phase where we face practical exposures and personality growth. LinkedIn serves as a platform for connecting the job seekers and providers.

Ten Smartphone Applications Every College Student Should Have


One can create and share updates and find suitable internships or jobs to boost your resume.It serves the need of both android and I Phone users.

So all the students out there, make sure that you have these 10 apps to fit your college needs and make your college life a worth remembering experience.

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