The Art Of Creativity : How Does It Arise In A Student?

Someone has so aptly said, “ The creativity comes from within“. And here ‘within’ means from one’s self.  For this one has to make his mind open and aware about all the things happening around him,that’s called a peaceful mind.

Believing  that you aren’t creative is the biggest sin you can do to your creativity, as it results in an automatic block in your mind which stops you from even trying to think creatively. On a broader sense the level of creativity among two people can differ ,but one should know that we all are creative someway or the people are creative in drawing ,others are in cooking and some are even in arranging a celebration party!!

If there are walls of rules and regulations surrounding an individual then he will not be able to think creatively. Creativity is linked to openness, freedom of thoughts and going beyond boundaries of what is considered as normal or is expected. For thinking out of the box creative ideas ,one shouldn’t be too serious about the fact that everything should be done by the book.

Creativity is crucial for businesses today,especially when the market is dependent on innovative technology.The alliance of creative business minds has the potential to push creative business ideas into reality,as once your brain is able to think outside of the box, the possibilities are manifold.

For enhancing their creativity, college students should take maximum part in society’s functioning,thereby thinking about event planning,designing and investing their time in research and development.Further they should  take part in the event conducted by other college societies,that will help students in enhancing their application of mind.

Even the teachers should focus on a solution friendly group discussions in the class, where the teacher gives a topic to the class for discussion and leave them for a stipulated period of time to think over it ,there will be many innovative,fresh ideas plunging from them that one can’t even imagine.

A creative person allows themselves to be their true self, without worrying about getting judged. If you are a creative person,you will soon realize that the very thought of being creatively able is what motivates you everyday to create a new food item,to explore a new path or to discover and apply a new idea 🙂


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