Exciting, Challenging and Fun: The Freshman Year
Image Source - India Today

One of the best things about college life, undoubtedly, is getting to explore things other than academics. College societies are one such platform which help students to engage in different activities and help them to further hone their skills through vigorous participation in various creative fields of their interest.

There are innumerable societies present in colleges of DU, and students can choose to join as many as they prefer, depending on their interests and aptitude. Some of these are –

  • Creative Writing Society
  • Photography Society
  • Environment Society
  • Fashion Society
  • Dance Society
  • Music Society
  • Theater and Drama Society

And the list goes on and on.

To be part of a college society, students generally go through various stages of selection, such as interviews, which help them to become more confident and they learn various skills and develop leadership qualities in them, which are very useful and necessary to thrive in today’s competitive world.

By being a member of a college society, students are expected to attend meetings, take part in discussions with other members, suggest ways on how to improve work quality, etc. They also bear the responsibility to organise various events and fests throughout the year.

Society members can also visit other colleges and participate in the competitions being held there to represent their respective colleges at different levels. Moreover, societies also help to provide good exposure to the students as they are associated with various other reputed organisations and individuals, who can guide them efficiently.

Apart from this, students who are not members of a society can also bring out their creativity and showcase their talent in the various competitions, fests and events organised by a society in the college premises.

Overall, the college society experience is fun as students form new friendships, get to meet like-minded people, and most importantly enjoy being part of something that helps them to learn practical things from outside the books as well as enhance their CV.


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