The Craze of Pre Wedding Cinematic Video Shoot

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A photograph voices out hundreds of emotions and stirs memories in a single glance. It rejuvenates our lives and brings a smile worth million dollars. One relives the beautiful moments captured in the lens of camera. Wedding is a special occasion in the life of every individual. Everyone wants to cherish each and every moment of that special day. A dream fairy tale wedding is everyone’s desire. The young generation wants their special journey to be recorded and each moment captured in reel. They don’t want to miss even a single second of their dream day and its journey. With advancement in technology few wedding photographs changed to 100 GB drives full of photographs and videos. Movies have influenced the pre-wedding cinematic shoot, it’s the new happening buzz of the wedding season. The very essence of pre-wedding photography is to put life into the love of a couple and give them lifetime of memories to rejoice.

The bride and groom are especially trained like actors and actresses to be the protagonists of their own Bollywood movie, their ‘sweet and simple’ love story is captured with them romancing and dancing on a hilly snowy mountains or around a tree. It adds extra spice to the wedding and creates a lively atmosphere. It works as a stress buster for the couple who are able to spend time with their to-be –life partners. These pre-wedding shoots prove to be boon for those couples whose marriages are arranged. Many a time love sparks start to fly in middle of the pre wedding shoots. This journey or procedure, let’s the bride and groom know each other as well as create eternal memories. And for those couples who are already dating and decide to tie the knot, it makes them relive the time spent with each other, sharing light moments from their first hangout to first date, their friends and old delightful talks in the parks and neighbourhood adds some extra pages of memories in the dairy of their lives.

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Many couples prefer exotic destinations like Ladakh, Shimla, Goa, Taj Mahal, palaces of Rajasthan and many other romantic places with designer ethnic wears to get the royal feel, spending huge amounts of money for their perfect pre- wedding shoot but many choose the ambience of nature in their own city with simple, casual yet elegant looks for picturising their fairy tale and make it look natural rather than extravagance. Even many couples like showcasing their stories as typical Bollywood genre like “gao ki gori and shehar ka munda” (simple village girl and city boy), this makes their lives look like Bollywood in daily lives. There are many crazyyy ideas bouncing up in the brains of the trend setters. They want to make their story look unique.

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With this craze of pre- wedding cinematic video shoot in India, many new professions are emerging as main stream professions and people are keen about it. The photographers are now busy maximum time of the year, the requirements of event managers are increasing so that every event could to handled successfully, the make artists are earning lump sum amounts to make the bride and groom look picture perfect in every shot/click. Bride and groom trainers are appointed to teach them how to talk, walk, look, stand, sit, dance and what not.

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Brides are trained to become bold and fashionable. The theme planners organize the wedding in a perfect picturesque. Everything from mehendi to bidai is planned with theme and style. The new bride are the new trend setters…… brides’ entry to the mandap is something for speculation. The brides are entering with swag, sometimes riding bullet bikes and sometimes dancing on ‘kala chasma’ with her bridemaids, sakhis and sahelis. Recently a bride became a YouTube sensation overnight, with her dancing video getting hundreds of likes, views and shares… she was dancing on the song cheap thrills while being prepared for the her dream day.

Wedding and pre wedding shoots capture the beautiful path of togetherness walked by the couple and gives the glimpses of their love and creates memories for eternity. Its gaining popularity nowadays and is in the trendy list for the celebs as well as common masses due its significance in the lives of individuals.

So peeps since the wedding season is on fill yours grooms-to-be or brides-to-be cousins and relatives with this idea, so that they moments to cherish through out life.

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