The Drugs & Alcohol Abuse Problem Among College Students
Image Source - UPI

“Those who are enrolled in a full-time college program are twice as likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than those who don’t attend college”.

Drugs? What are those?

Are we new to this or Are we trying not to hear what we heard? Consumption of Drugs and Cigarettes is a big taboo.Is it? No. It’s likely to be cliched just like a mom feeding its baby.This world is a place where everybody talks about development and getting advanced on research and studies but when its time to talk about the existing taboos, nobody does that.Canada legalised Marijuana, I’m not saying that the Prime Minister should legalise it but its all in the heads of the conservative and stereotyped people which owns the bigger part of this Nation and will do everything to keep their children (ladla ‘bacha’) decent which is apparently not true because 90% is not.

Cigarettes, Tobacco, Biddi, Weed, Hash everything’s available to the nearest known ‘Khoka’ (hayee ni tera koka’ koka’ koka’) specially in the University campus. There are people, who knowingly don’t accept smoking in public , they fear that they’ll end up being categorized as spoiled brats which they already are. Smoking is bad everybody knows it, but not more than the Hookah or Sheesha available in all the lounges and cafe’s.

I’m not trying to take a side but to tell and show you the picture of how things are. We human’s have the tendency of showcasing what we are not, like the one’s who are into drugs tries to conceal it (not phrasing the Smoking in Public thing) and the one’s who aren’t tries to be a part of it (leaving aside the extroverts who openly tend to tell the truth).

Everything is trying to take you to a place where you don’t really belong, maybe for a minute, an hour, or a day. Nobody is a good escapist until you decide to give up on your life (which you shouldn’t do) . Have the balls to face what you are rather than what you’re not. Be an Exclusive human being on this planet (not by taking drugs but just making the right decision)


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