Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Everlasting Dilemma : North,South And Off Campus DU Colleges

Ask any DU aspirant about their favourite colleges, everyone will list out colleges from North Campus, the obvious reason being the hype prevalent among the students since many years. Students consider North Campus colleges as the ultimate paradise, having good reputation, infrastructure, faculty, and of course good hangout places with delicious food. But overshadowed are the Colleges which are not part of the reputed North Campus, the underdogs – South and Off Campus Colleges, which believe it or not, are also worthy and good.

The misconception about colleges is often seen at the time of DU Admission season.Students are always on the run to seek admission in North Campus colleges while they completely ignore other colleges. One peculiar thing which happens every year in the open-days sessions organised by DU before admissions to clear the queries of aspirants is that people often ask the Dean and other officials that which college is the best choice to pursue a particular course from, which leaves them speechless as they simply can’t say that one college is better than the other.

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This also raises the debate between college v/s course. It is frequently observed that students don’t pursue their favourite course which later can be used to earn a livelihood if they are not getting admission in their desired college. Rather they choose to pursue a course which they are not interested in just because they are getting admission in the college of their choice. This leads to job insecurity and dissatisfaction later in life and people often live with the regret that they are not doing what they love to do and feel depressed.

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Students also do not pay attention to other important factors just to reserve their seat in on-campus colleges, such as the distance between college and home, availability of transport to reach the college, going and coming back time duration, etc which should also be considered while choosing the college so that they can commute daily easily and conveniently without getting exhausted.

What students need to realise the most is that even if they don’t get admission in the college of their choice, they should not get upset. Rather, they should be grateful that at the end of the day they at least secured admission in this prestigious University after a lot of hard work and should be dedicated so that they continue to thrive in their respective fields even further so that they will make their institution even more reputed and change this misconception which exists in the mind of students with regard to colleges.

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Himanshi Munjal
Himanshi Munjal is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons.) English from Shaheed Bhagat Singh (M.) College, DU. Content writing and editing has always been her hobby and she is trying to further hone her skills through DUE. She also loves doing photography, watching wrestling, and playing musical instruments.

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