The Failure Of Our Education System

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For the fourteen years at each of us went to school, it became our whole world. Our schools become our second homes with a whole new set of family. Just like our actual kinship ties, the school serves as a socialising agent for those who become a part of it. The role of a socialising agent is crucial in shaping the child in more ways than one. It shapes them, their aspirations and most importantly, how they imagine the rest of the world based on the words they hear, read and write.

Clearly, the impact of schooling on children is evident in what choices they make during and after school. These are choices that students are conditioned to choose, like the top colleges, the courses, etc. So while schools tend to train students in pointing them to the ‘desired’ direction, they fail to send out students without the right kind of academic resources to help them in achieving what they are capable of.

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Those who have now started college know that the difference between school and college, academically, is extremely drastic. Most students come from a schooling background where they are asked the questions and given the answers, leaving little for imagination and creativity. They are left with all that’s required to pass the benchmark but never enough to allow them to analyse the need for these very benchmarks. Whereas in college, students are expected to read complex texts and provide their interpretation of the same, analytically. It is no surprise that students are left with little assistance and are a reflection of the drawbacks of our very education system.

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