The Fake Whatsapp Forwards on Coronavirus

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Well, it’s one in a lifetime situation we all are stuck in. But, kudos! We have elements to add to the chaos and mayhem. we have the ‘ ALL IN ONE WHATSAPP DAWAKHAANA’. Well, it might take the intellectual, cerebral, discerning scientists to put in all their hard work and education to come up with a permanent cure for COVID-19 but not a minute for our highly venerated, highbrowed WHATSAPP doctors to take that ailment away with a whoosh!

It would be unfair to even ask the number of WhatsApp forwards you might have received claiming to have discovered the ultimate cure of the pandemic the whole world is suffering from. Just in case you are a blessed, totally unexposed to such enlightenment on your handy WhatsApp so here I list some for you- Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Hot water, and there you are, all safe and healthy!

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Well, these were just precautions. In case you are unsure if you have caught the infection or not, the list for symptoms lies no far.

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Cold, Cough, Fever? God! Jump to the treatment right away! One life to live, one life to save!

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There are people living all alone, with no one to discuss anything, with no moral support, with no one to share worries with and they are the ones most victimized! Most vulnerable to mental distress. One WhatsApp forward or one video is all it takes to severely shake one’s mental balance. And boom! We added to the chaos!

Also, one thing is being stupid, but some ‘so-called-cures’ are fatal. And in a time of distress like this one fatality is no less common anywhere.

Well, it might be tough to stop the origin of such messages but let’s all try and break the chain. A message would be good to forward when the source is reliable and is checked and double-checked. These times are difficult, for you, for us, for everyone, so lets all stick together, as one, supporting each other, not advocating any chaos. We shall all overcome this, together!

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