The Hype Of Joining College Societies : Join Karu Ya Na Karu?

The Hype Of Joining College Societies : Join Karu Ya Na Karu?

Colleges have already started and freshers must be analysing which college society to go for. You will find various posters and flash mobs performed by college societies in the coming days on your college campus.

Without any doubt joining a college society is one amazing experience. You tend to travel, hone your skills, gain experience, get exposure and experience fest season from the front. Also, your college society may become the foundation stone for your career. Often, people who are a part of college societies are considered to be highly competitive. You’ll also experience outstation trips with the college society.

And, most often students who are not a part of any college society are mistaken to be boring, dumb, or academically-oriented but one needs to understand just because someone who has not joined any society does not make him less talented. It is true that extra-curricular activities enhance your resume but isn’t the only thing mentioned on it. Having spent two years in a college, I’ve definitely realised one thing that you can survive and chill during your college days without joining a college society. There can be many reasons for not joining them. Maybe your college didn’t have the society you wanted to join or maybe you got rejected in the selection process. I have often heard people saying “college society join nahi ki, toh college jaake kya kiya”.

First of all, not everybody can be a part of society either willingly or non-willingly, to be honest. Secondly, you can still be active in the extra curricular part as something or the other keeps going on throughout the year which you can definitely be a part of.

Another thing which I guess college students can be a part of is internships which actually sometimes prove to be your gateway to jobs. At the end what matters is your talent, whether you showcase it through your college society or in any other way – the choice is totally yours.


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