The Life of a Hosteler

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Coming out of the comfort zone that the house of our parents provide us to a world full of strangers is a huge change that we all have to face in mostly in our graduation days.

Well, many of us see it as to put it in the popular term ‘positive’ that moving out brings us to new things, ¬†new adventures, new people and a life full of independence. Contrast to that living outside has a bunch of de-merits too of adjusting to new surroundings, coping up with each other’s temperament, ¬†learning to buy groceries on your own for the first time to learn cooking. We learn each and everything for our survival in our parent’s absence and that is some times very nostalgic. And Not to forget the last but most prominent after effect of moving out: Home-sickness.

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However, as to put it like whether you take this change ‘positively’ or ‘negatively’, ¬†the best way to handle it is to find a middle way of being ‘Realistic’ because it is inevitable. ¬†You will have to move out someday or another for your own progress in both professional and personal sphere.

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The best part is that if you get lucky and have a good sense of choosing a good company of friends,  you may find the best of friends that are aware of your every non-sensible act of yours and you not-so good looking looks!

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The worst can be you shall make no deep bondings with anyone, you remain prone to Home-sickness,  had fights with your hostel-mates or pg-mates or you had mostly sulked in your room and regretted your decision of moving out.

Nonetheless, you after experiencing the life of being on your own, independent, away from any surveillance of your parents, relatives or guardians. You have learned to survive in the world on your own, to make your own little choices and most importantly knowing your inner-self that its own way of living life and has its own choice or way of doing things.

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