The Priyanka Leg Show Controversy : Have We Really Moved Ahead In Life?

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In this 21st century where the fast world is growing and moving ahead India is also matching its point with its pace, but are we really moving ahead with the mentality we have towards women, especially actresses?  With the recent events when Priyanka Chopra met our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin. The people went on ridiculously shaming of her legs and the length of the dress she wore while meeting with the prime minister. Where people should be proud of her achievements people were making trolls and giving her lectures on how she should have worn something Indian to give respect to our dear prime minister. These are the same people who do not even give a damn about the molestation happening to women in our very own country but they want the bodies of our actresses covered up.

Priyanka chopra has become an international star and is presenting our country outside from the time when the young eighteen year old won the crown of the miss world. When earlier she wore slitting neck down gowns and dresses then nobody gives a damn because she was bringing the country laurels but she wore a dress to meet the prime minister became a shame on her part as she was disrespecting him?

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She was in Berlin promoting her Hollywood movie Baywatch and maybe even had no schedule to meet the prime minister. They accidentally met in Berlin. Someone even went on asking on the internet that why do actresses wear Indian dress like sarees and go traditional when they win a national award or a Padmashree but not go traditionally Indian when meeting the pm. Why this difference between the pm and the president. I mean that is the most pathetic and ridiculous comment ever I heard. For such awards they prepare beforehand and in Berlin she was not getting any such award. She was promoting an Hollywood movie professionally when she accidentally met the pm.

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This girl is working her best and putting her best foot forward both in Bollywood and in Hollywood. Clearly she has created a big space for her and for our country outside in the world where such racism exists. I think its high time we should give her credit for her achievements and her work. What she wears is her choice and is just a part of her profession not her profession. We should leave on to her choice as to what part of her body she wants flaunts and where, as we do not own or property over her body. This whole discussion about PC’s dress totally depicts the mentality of how we see women. Our patriarchal society would always find faults in successful women as they can’t see women go on the top higher than the men.

I don’t get what does Indian men actually want? They fail to protect their own women who is at home but would go to any length to moral policing the successful woman. A while ago it happened to Sania Mirza as well. Discussion on the length of her skirt took a toll in our country. The short skirt was the rule of the game she played. When she wins a medal no one gives a damn about the fact that she played in the same short skirt and won. This has happened to many other successful women. I think it’s high time we should look at women for who she is as a person rather than focusing on the fact that what she wears.

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