Saturday, January 18, 2020
Editorial The Reality Of Class 12th Results

The Reality Of Class 12th Results


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As the results are about to be announced, we know your heart is pounding like anything. Your creepy relatives and neighbours might have started calling your mom or stopping you at the road while you are with your friends, to ask your result. The internet is already flooded with memes, videos, articles and much more to console you. Between your parents‚ expectations and the internet videos lies the reality you are probably not aware of.

Don’t be ashamed of your marks,you’ve worked hard to achieve that score.Just because that score isn’t good enough to get you into your dream college or course doesn’t mean you’ll regret all the hardwork you did for one long year to reach this level.Marks do matter but to a certain extent.

The Marks

What parents say – They would always wish a score higher than the height of mountain, if it was possible.Forget the iPhone, branded bags or even talking to them if you get less than 95%.

What internet says  You might have already seen tons of videos telling you that marks do not matter and just a board exam result will not decide your future or the success stories of the people who didn’t score pretty well in their boards.

The reality – Marks do matter but to a certain extent. A good scorer will obviously deserve a reward for his/her hard work. It wouldn’t matter much if you aren’t able to make it to the top college but sacrificing for the course you have always been dreaming of might be disheartening. It is surely going to be a hindrance for you yet it wouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams if you are determined.


Career choices

What parents say – Traditional courses like BCOM, ECONOMICS, CA, ENGINEERING, MBBS, etc. Your parents want to see you earning well in the next few years, get married, give birth to kids and force them to do the same (just like your cousin).

What internet say – The internet is not forcing you to do something but is surely influencing you towards those creative courses like photography or designing.

The reality – Most of the time many of us are not exactly aware of what we want to do or haven’t even heard of the names of the courses we might be good in.Identify your strengths and talents and do what you love to do or you’ve always wanted to do.Even the creative courses aren’t that easy.Parents think that you are taking a risk or you might not do well in life by choosing a particular course as they themselves have always heard and followed the traditional things.

Don’t cry over your marks as you can’t change them now. Focus on what you exactly want and where you see yourself in the next 10 years.You are definitely going to be better than Sharma Ji’s son (sorry Sharma Ji :P)

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Mahima Arora
Mahima is currently pursuing bachelors of journalism and mass communication from VIPS, GGSIPU. She has a practical and realistic approach towards life which is also reflected in her writings.



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