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The Rising Craze of Delhi University

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Over 1.10 lakh students have so far registered for undergraduate courses at Delhi University. The admission portal went live on 2nd August, 2021, with 70,000 seats for undergraduate courses.

But what explains this crazy registration number? Of course, the brand name – Delhi University.

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Ever since its inception, DU has been leading the charts of preferred universities in India. Lakhs of aspirants struggle to get in, fighting for that one extra mark to wear the “DU” tag around their neck. But is this pressure and race really worth it? Let’s take a look at the different aspects of this esteemed university to look forward to:

Delhi University

1. Ranking; Numbers don’t lie

Yes, it is a well-known fact the University of Delhi holds a prestigious position when it comes to the best universities across the world. The high ranking of DU is one of the biggest factors that act as a magnet for aspirants from all over the country. DU has added many feathers to its hat and has proved its mettle in front of several ranking systems.

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The most sought ranking system of India, i.e., NIRF Ranking by the government of India, ranked DU at 11th position in the year 2020. DU also grabbed the 571st rank among all the universities in the whole world as per the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR).

2. Societies, societies and more societies!

delhi university societies

Learning at Delhi University isn’t just about the bookish knowledge. When one joins DU, they are given ample opportunities to test their skills in fields apart from just studying.

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Whether you are passionate about dance, singing, music, photography or sports, DU has it all! It offers a platform for admission seekers to explore themselves through its cultural societies, clubs and co-curricular activities.

DU has carved its own niche when it comes to cultural societies, college fests and everything that aspiring DU students can dream about. So, if you needed just another reason to apply to Delhi University Admissions this year, this may be it.

3. Unparalleled Exposure

If you always wanted to travel the world to meet new people, worry not! DU brings the world to you.

Owing to its great reputation, students from all around the world come to get an education at Delhi University, thus providing unparalleled exposure to the students studying there. You will find students from remote areas of the country and even abroad on the campus. Communicating with them can add to your experience and help you explore diverse cultures.

You will get an opportunity to interact, live and dance with the best of the minds of the country.

4. Never miss out on the DU fests

Come winter, you will wait excitedly for the fests! All the colleges in the University will open their doors to other students at this time. You will meet new people, eat amazing food and dance to the beats of famous artists like Jubin Nautiyal, Badshah and Darshan Raval amongst many other who visit DU.

Be it Hindu’s Mecca, Venky’s Nexus or Miranda House’s Tempest, the annual cultural fests of the colleges never fail to woo students with exhilarating competitions and big names at their pro nights.

delhi university fests

5. National elections, really? We have DUSU!

There are three seasons in DU: test, fest and protest season.

Whether you are politically inclined or not, it is the best place to see different kinds of student movements develop from scratch. From the anti-autonomy strikes to the protests, students here are politically very active and they often organise creative ways to assert themselves. Students are not just restricted to classrooms but they also have an acute sense of the happenings around them.

And the best part? Well, you get some interesting incentives to get impressed by the parties.

delhi university elections

6. The Placements

Although the rate of placements varies from college to college, it is one of the most successful universities to get placements in the country.

The best colleges of North Campus and South Campus or even Off-Campus like SRCC, KMC, Miranda House, Hindu, Venky, SBSC, Gargi, LSR, SSCBS, etc. will surely get you in the Big 4s or other known MNCs.

7. Campus food is THE best!

For foodies, DU is among the best possible food havens. Whether you fancy a plate of savoury momos (Dolma Aunty’s) or just that perfect teacup (Sudama’s Chai), the university and its food joints will cater to your taste buds.

Moreover, the college canteens provide low-cost and hygienic food that will leave you wanting more.

Explore places like Manju Ka Tila, Old Delhi, Connaught Place, Hudson Lane, Satya Niketan and many other places to hang out with your friends with good food in your hand.


delhi university canteen


The city: History, myth, language and centuries of culture merge in Delhi and lend a unique touch to the University.

With active nightlife, markets, food joints and places to hang out with your friends, the city provides immense opportunities for a new cultural experience. For both the avid travellers and the casual wanderers, Delhi is a treasure trove of monuments, forts, rivers and ancient nooks and crannies. The short distance between the city and hill stations like Dharamshala, Shimla, Manali, means that those road trips might just be betiding during your college years.

DU has it all, so why choose another?

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