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The Truth About Exam Preparations

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There are only a few days left before the semester exams begin for some courses and for many they have already started. The university generously gave us a two-week break to prepare for the exams.While two hours of a day were spent studying,the rest were spent staring at blank walls,crying over the amount of syllabus and basically wasting them.Here’s the truth about how we actually spent our preparatory days :

“I need a break!”


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Fifteen minutes into studying and just the introduction to that chapter exhausts you. A break, then, becomes necessary. From replying to whatsapp messages, scrolling through facebook, to calling up friends for a quick “is baar to fail hain” session, it finally turns out to be a two-hour break, by the end of which you are too tired that you just fall asleep.

“I just want to earn some pocket money!”


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There are days when you want to waste time and be productive as well. This is when you renew the passwords to all those internship sites and search for something to do after the exams. Regardless of your field, from sales job to content writing, you need to look into everything.

‚ÄúSo once we get to Goa…‚Äù


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You spend most of your time planning out that trip to Goa. This is the trip you had talked about with your school friends looking for a reunion, your college friends who just want to chill after the exam and even your cousins for a family getaway. However, we all know once the exams are done you will end up snoring away the day on your bed.

“Have you seen that show?”


It is only two weeks before your exams that you have a sudden craving to complete all the seasons of Breaking Bad for the tenth time. And how can you not start watching Narcos after your friend has been telling you just how amazing it is? That background reading on Shakespeare can wait.

‚ÄúI can’t study without organizing my notes first, duh!‚Äù


What better way to procrastinate studying, than making proper arrangements for it? You finally organise the cupboard, your mom had been asking you to do for months. Books will be stacked and notes marked with sticky notes. Exams are obviously the right time to appreciate tidiness.

We are all big procrastinators when it comes to studying. But we also understand the importance of these exams. As they approach nearer, try to resist your temptations. Make up a reasonable schedule and follow it. Take breaks but keep them short. Finally, like your mom would say, “jaake padhle nalayak!”

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