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Things To Do When Stuck At Home During Rains

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The drizzle outside your window soon turned into an unending downpour and now you are stuck in your house with rains. What do you do? Take out your mobile phone and look for the various social media sites and waste your day to regret later. Here are some things to cheer you up on a rainy day and make you feel productive.

1. Have a movie blast

Close the curtains, get some munchies, pick a good series and you are set for the day!

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2. Take to craft

There’s nothing like creative time to beat the monsoon blues. Look around the house for items that you might not normally use for crafting — dry pasta, magazines, paper bags, straws, string, newspaper, fabric scraps or old socks. Then bring out the glue, tape, scissors and markers, and have a blast.

3. Try your hand at cooking

Experiment with the dishes by utilising whatever ingredient you have at home and cook something interesting. Do get it tasted by your parents and watch the happiness on their faces.

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4. Read and write

Read something new or write something fresh. It may be poem, a short story or any other creative piece. Just bring out your creative self.

5. Go through an old photo album

Going through an old photo album will definitely halp you revive those wonderful childhood memories. And what could be a better time to get nostalgic?

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6. Play a board game

Ever played Ludo, Carrom, Snakes and ladders, chess or any other board game on real boards and not on mobile based applications. You should try them, they are fun.

7. Click pictures

Don’t forget to bring¬†out the photographer in you and click wonderful pictures as rains enunciate on the beauty of things around you. Look for what nature has in store for you.

So for a day keep your phone aside and don’t let the rains spoil your day.¬†

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