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Things You Will Experience Only When You Date a Writer!

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Firstly, this is not just an article, but an invitation too, because after reading about the benefits of dating a writer you are obviously going to wonder whether you need to date one or not.

Now since I am a writer, if you want to find one at the end of the article, I’ll leave my contact details below 😉

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One of the perks of dating a writer is this very thing ‚Äì how they jumble you in the web of words being formed by them, and before you know what is happening they‚Äôve already trapped you. It may sound like I am boasting on behalf of my sept but that‚Äôs the truth. And there’s more too.¬†Here, read on-

Writers will Spin Words for You to Tell You How They Exactly Feel

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Whether it is love letters, small notes, messages on birthday cakes, emails or random text messages, everything you receive from them will have something unique about it. If you are dating a writer, you might rediscover yourself in many different ways every day, because it’s their eyes and their words that they are describing you in.

Writers Will Show Respect For You with Simple Things

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Like calling you their Muse (Greek Goddess) or Zeus (God). It is the greatest thing any writer can ever say to anyone. And when you are dating one, you are definitely going to be his/her goddess or god respectively.

Writers Will Make You Look at Life in a Different Manner

Writers do the things which they love to do.They write because they feel a sense of accomplishment in the act itself and the reward or the output of it does not make any difference to them. Writers never run after money and that is one of the best things you will learn from them over the course of time.

They Will Take You To The Places You Have Never Been

Writers have a different way of looking at nature. You might get to know intellectual people and books when you are with a writer. And that’s not all, they might even take you around a lake or to the woods and show you things you never would have otherwise.

They Will Follow You to the End of the World

Because the factory of a writer is a pen and a paper. So if you are wondering if your jobs may keep you apart, worry not. A writer will follow you to the end of the world, wherever you go.

A Writer Will Teach You To Enjoy Solitude

If you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the metro or the local, you might be the one who needs solitude the most but finds it difficult to secure it. A writer will help you on this journey of yours and will stop only when you have truly achieved it.

Your Grocery List Will Never Have Spelling Mistakes

They know how to call a jalapeño a jalapeño (chili pepper). Rest assured, there won’t be any mistakes there.


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