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Things You Do While Studying

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The things dreaded can seldom be avoided. The warehouses of energy, a common trait found in Delhi University students is lost, and limps and snores are what we see and hear. Hola Exams! Wait. Limps and snores? What happened to studying? Well, the big ‘pratigyas’ that were undertaken at the beginning of the semester just lost meaning between the fun that is in our palate during the semester. While you all are nostalgic of the ‘not so fresh air’ of roaming outdoors, I’m sure you would relate to the following thoughts that creep in while you gaze at your books:

  1. Ear-worms!! Can you stop?

While the books show off heavy jargon, the mind trails off to ‘Kaala Chashma’. And guess what? The peppy, irritating tune wouldn’t leave your side for days. Dance it off or bang thy head in the wall, it won’t leave you. Better than friends who leave your side during exams. Eh?images-1

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  1. Hungry? Not so hungry.

While the love for food is perpetual, the taste buds become extra excited when your body is acting otherwise. Cravings for food make your trip to the kitchen very frequent (you are not even hungry). Watch out for some extra pounds.


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  1. How can he/she do this to me?

Remember when she insulted you in front of a lot of people? Or when your best friend laughed to death when you fell on the road? What better time to think about it then during exams when all you know is nothing. Happy Complaining!


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  1. Social Media reforms

The time comes to halt when preparing for exams. Not a coincidence that you feel it has been ages since you last changed your Facebook profile picture. The action itself is not so damaging but its aftermath sure is. The likes and comments are sure going to scorch some valuable study time.


  1. The intensive planning

We all work on plans or timetables of studying. Our dear teachers have always taught us to create a timetable first. But nobody told us to schedule the plans ‘kal se’. The planning is respect to changes while ‘kal se’ remains constant.


While having these thoughts is common to all of us, thinking wouldn’t lead us too far in the exams. To all those who are reading this, I bid them to study NOW!

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