Things you should not do after eating

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Many people often wonder that they eat good food, but don’t absorb all the good nutrients present in it. This is because you knowingly and unknowingly, make some mistakes, because of which you do not feel healthy. Our day to day habits have a direct impact on our body. We often do not pay attention to our health due to overwork. Due to this, many systems of our body start getting affected. Sometimes we don’t eat or sometimes we eat too much. This causes great harm to our bodies. To keep the body healthy, we should eat nutritious foods on time. Apart from this, we also need to pay attention to many things. For example, one should not do swimming or exercise immediately after meals. In this article, we will tell you what things you should not do after eating.

Do not Exercise

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Doing a workout after eating can cause you discomfort. Our body is made in a certain way and there is a time for everything. Doing workouts after meals cause lethargy and stomach problems.

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Do not Smoke

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Smoking after meals is harmful to health. The nicotine present in tobacco can cause a lot of problems by reacting with oxygen. It forms a compound with haemoglobin in the blood and disrupts the supply of oxygen to vital parts of the body. In addition, it increases the chances of bowel cancer.Quit smoking

Do not Sleep

Most people fall asleep after having a meal. But this habit is harmful to health. The body takes time to digest after eating. Sleep acts as a hindrance and causes internal problems. So many people suffer from constipation and body pain.

Having Tea after Meals

It is often seen at offices, that after lunch people arrive at the nearest Tapri to have tea sips. But this is hazardous because tea contains chemicals such as polyphenols and tannins, which eliminate the body’s nutrition from food. Tea damages proteins. It also kills the iron present in the green vegetables which you eat in food.Tea

The above-mentioned things are the things you should not do after eating food for good health and fitness. This does not spoil digestion and food is easily digested and keeps your body healthy.

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